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Washington grapicHiking along the Pacific Northwest’s forests and mountains is ideal if you’re short on time but want to sample the renowned outdoors fun that Seattle has on offer. On either Tiger Mountain or Granite Mountain you’ll find the best conveniently located treks.

Seattle Washington’s Pacific Northwest is known for its abundant walking opportunities. And fortunately for hiking enthusiasts visiting this part of the State, there are some great spots and right next to Seattle’s doorstep.

Both these trails are within an hour’s drive of downtown Seattle. Not only that, they both offer you endless outdoors opportunities, including surrounding yourself in verdant forests, stretching your legs as you stride up a steep track, or wandering through high alpine grasslands.

Which trail you choose to take may depend on your time and physical condition, or on whether you are merely looking for a quick break from the city or a true alpine experience.

Washington’s Granite Mountain

If you have a little more time and enthusiasm, or if you seek a more alpine mountain experience, a days trek up Granite Mountain might just be the thing.

Affording you with a more challenging trek after Tiger Mountain. If you are not fit then Granite Mountain can't be recommended. However, if you don’t mind a little rough-walking, you will be rewarded with delightful regions of granite peppered with colorful wildflowers, panoramic views of Mount Rainier and charming mountain lakes and a historic fire tower at Cascade Mountain .

And if you think that that is all that this trail offers, then you need to reconsider, because we haven’t even taled about the most impressive section of this trek yet: Granite Mountain. The great views from this mountain are less than a 60 minute drive from the downtown Seattle, easily accessed from Interstate 90.

It’s located on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and in the heart of the region’s Sound Greenway straddling Interstate 90.

Washington’s Tiger Mountain

Nestled in the Cascade Range around thirty minutes from bustling Seattle, Tiger Mountain is just what you want when your time is tight. For those that just want a casual stroll, wandering in the woods, Tiger Mountain provides all you could wish for. It’s within Tiger Mountain State Forest, encompassing over 13,000 acres. It provides you with eighty miles of walking, horseback riding trails, and mountain biking.

Its convenient placement allows you to easily make time for a morning, afternoon, or even a quick excursion after work during the long Northwest summer days. Tiger Mountain is well visited by hikers, mainly because of its closeness to Seattle. As a result, you may find a full car lot when you get to the start of the trail. But, don’t be discouraged by this small setback. The Tiger Mountain walks actually offers a surprising amount of peace and quite due to the area’s large network of trails, which readily spreads hikers around the area.

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