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The area has five prominent regions, there is Northern Mountains, Wasatch Front, Dinosaurland, Red Rock, and The Great Basin. Also there is the part of the Great Western Trail that provides great opportunities for snow-mobiling, ATVing, and other great pursuits.

The diverse landscape in Utah makes it a popular spot for a day trip hikeand eager backpackers. With its vast selection of very remote areas and amazingly beautiful scenes, a Utah hiking trip can be anything from a simple pleasant amble to a nature-rich outdoors adventure. You’ll find that once you get off the beaten track by foot or even on a horse, the areas mountains and deserts will surprise you with unexpected vistas.

The Wasatch Front

Here we find Utah’s urban corridor lies. eastwards is the impressive Wasatch Mountain range and westwards is the desert area of the Great Basin. Hiking and backpacking experiences of every variety are to be found just minues away from any of the cities and towns in this region. Some of the great trails within a short distance from the Wasatch Front area include, amongst others:

• White Pine Trek
• Alexander Basin Trek
• Lake Blanche Trek
• Lake Mary Trek
• Mill B. North Fork Trek
• Mineral Fork Trek
• Mount Olympus Trek
• Timpanogos Cave Trek
• Great Western Trek
• Desolation Trek

Traveling along Mount Olympus will have you starting right at the base of Mount Olympus around Wasatch Boulevard. This is a strenuous one trail, but exciting, offering you amazing views of Salt Lake Valley which you’ll never forget.

Try not to miss the excellent Ogden River Parkway, this is a lovely 3 mile trail for fishing, biking, walking and picnicking in the well stocked rivers. The parkway is conveniently located adjacent to the Ogden River, actually in the city of Ogden itself.

The Northern Mountains

Here we have the Skyline Trailhead right at the top of the North Ogden Pass, 5 miles eastwards of North Ogden, offers some really excellent hiking. You the trail up a 9-mile trek to the 9,000 foot top of Ben Lomon Peak. Also there is the Pineview Trailhead which leads to a 20-mile Utah hiking trek finishing at Willard Basin. A few more trails are spread throughout the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in the Davis Country region.

As well as that, trekking opportunities are also provided on the outskirts of Logan in the North of Utah. An example is a delightful stroll, that is more like an amble, in the 1 mile Limber Pine Trail circle at the peak on Logan Canyon looking down on Bear Lake. One other is an autumn ¾-mile hike to Coldwater Lake which is close to Mendon. This trail often attracts people further up the track through the many red maple trees and golden aspen in to the dense forests of the Wellsville Wilderness region.

Adjacent to the Wasatch Front, another important region is the Northern Mountains. It offers many attractive treks, including Naomi Peak Trail – Coldwater Canyon Trail, Deep Canyon, and part of the Great Western Trail area.

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