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Though this trail runs through public and privately owned areas, the actual trail is managed by private individuals. It was first created in the middle of the 1980s by a band of people who established the Lake Superior Hiking Trail Association. As well as managing the trail the association also promotes it to those who like to experience the more adventurous aspects of hiking.

Positioned around 200 miles across the craggy ridge looking down on Lake Superior, it is considered to be one of the finest long distant treks in Northeast Minnesota. It is actually positioned within the Superior National Forest, straddling the USA-Canada border and the northern edge of the Lake.

It covers nearly 4 million acres of spruce, pine and fir trees and roughly 440,000 acres of lakes which number in excess of 2,000. There is an abundance of forest as you walk along. The lakes have a large variety of fish species, amongst these are rainbow trout, and brown trout, walleye, small mouth bass, pike, lake trout, and brook trout. You’ll go far to find such an outdoors thrill at every turn on the Superior Trail.

Here’s What You’ll Find

At present it starts at Two Harbors in Minnesota, it then proceeds along Lake Superior taking you across no less than 7 state parks, amongst these are Tettegouche State Park and Split Rock State Park.

The trail’s northern path approaches Grand Marais town in Cook County, It adopted it’s name from the French for ‘Big Marsh’. As well as the short crossover not far away from Grand Marais, the northern part of the trail has a 2 mile path along the gravely beaches of Lake Superior, before it finally ends approaching the border of Canada.

In actual fact the very beginning of the Trail is at Duluth, in Minnesota, the seat of St. Louis County and a port city connecting to the Atlantic Ocean over 2000 miles distant from the Great Lakes. From this point, it travels along the areas mentioned, before coming to close, if you continue you will encounter the Border Route Trail. If you follow this continuation you will be taken to the Canoe Area Wilderness in the Boundary Waters region.

The Superior Hiking Trail comprises a part of the four thousand mile North County Trail, beginning close to Lake Champlain in New York State, and crosses New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, ending at North Dakota. The Northern County Trail dogs the Superior Hiking Trail along the northern shore of Superior, it continues until it cuts across the Canoe Area Wilderness in Boundary Waters following the BorderRoute and Kekekabic treks.

Regarded by many as one of the foremost treks in the whole country, the Backpacker Magazine considered the Superior Hiking Trail to have the ’Best Camp/Trail/ Shelter conditions’. It was also considered to have the “Best Signage” in the country, and amongst the most scenic treks in the nation (Dec 2000). Hikers will delight in views of the Sawtooth Mountains, boreal forests, bubbling brooks, cascading waterfalls, and a rich abundance of wildlife.

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