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At the center of North Carolina is its three biggest cities – Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte – and coprises the majority of the population. This naturally means that the same area plays a crucial role in the state’s commercial ventures, and has likewise been the setting for much of North Carolina’s historical and cultural progress. But in addition to that, this region’s bustling metropolis lies very close to a region of lakes, forests and hills, and bursting with many opportunities for adventure.

With mountains and a rugged vista of land extending from the west, a mild slope at the center, before splitting into a watery region to the east. This is the vista that develops before you as you go along the Tar Heel State’s Piedmont Mountain area. This sits in the center of the geologically young range, created as it was roughly about 240 million years back. Here the Piedmont Mountain range was created in the aftermath of similar tectonic rippling that made the Appalachian Mountains westwrds of the region.

Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point

The triangle of the three cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point – has witnessed its share of important moments in U.S. development. Nowadays, it provides one of the best hiking trails you will find in the state.

Situated just under one hour north of the Triad is the Hanging Rock State Park, and is composed of 6, 921 acres of forest and mountain between Highways 66 and 89. This area was established in the nineteen-thirties and is positioned within the Sauratown Mountain area, the name coming from the Saura Indian tribe who used to live in the region. Over 18 miles of trails run through the forested expanse of the park, inviting you to explore caves, waterfalls, and the dramatic region of the actual Hanging Rock.

North Carolina - Charlotte Hiking Fast Getaways

Charlotte is one of North Carolina’s biggest cities. But besides that, there are particular areas on the outskirts that can give you a fast getaway. The 31, 500-acre Lake Normal, positioned about 35 miles northwards of the city, is one of North Carolina’s biggest lakes, created in the 60's when the Duke Power Company blocked the Catawba River. In recompense for the valley being flooded, the generous company also granted a section of land that now includes Lake Normal State Park, where great trekking adventures are yours for the taking.

13 of the lake’s 500 miles of shore are found within the park. As an area of land secure from the blight of insesitive development, a trip on the variety of park tracks provides you with lovely spots for being alone and enjoying nature to the full.

To gain entry to the park for a short trip, do it from Exit 42 off I-77. As soon asyou have got there, make for the beginning of the 6 mile Lakeshore North Carolina Hiking region, situated at the vehicle parking section of the camp-ground for families.

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