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alaska graphicIf you’re fortunate enough to visit Alaska, you aren’t a long way from a great hiking or backpacking trail or region. Alaska has some of the best areas for winter hiking, there is Preserve, Glacier Bay National Park and Lake Clark National Park.

Here’s a run down of some of our favorite spots for Alaskan hiking trails:

The Alpine Trek at Caines Head- Anchorage Region

This Alpine Trail is, I suspect, the most underestmated and least used hiking trail in the complete Anchorage region. The begining of the trail is shown by a llittle sign and also a hut just a quarter of a mile from Derby Cove from North Beach. From there, it doesn’t seem as though the trail has a great deal to offer, but, as you begin the climb up to the alpine region, you’ll understand just why this might just be the peninsula’s most undiscovered secret..

The pathway meanders throughout the impressive forest, crossing several streams and a large waterfall. If you take a break and look around you’ll find amazing views of Resurrection Bay and its wonderful peaks begin at about the 1.5 mile mark.

Caines Head Alpine Trail provides rolling hills, broad forests, the hike breaks through the treeline, unresticted views, and amazing vista of the view below. This also gives you wonderful views of Spruce and Porcupine Glaciers, Callisto Peak, Callisto Canyon, Thumb Cove Caines Head, and several small islands that feature at the entrance to the bay and the Northern Pacific furthur on.

Devil’s Pass - Chugach National Forest

Another worthy trail worth investigating is Devil’s Pass. In 2000, everyone was remarking about how unkempt and how unpleasant the trail has become. However, in 2004, there was a comprehensive cleanup of the trail so there is no longer any reason for you not to go on this trail.

With a name like Devil’s Pass, of course, I expect you think your going to be whacked by the time you reach the Pass, but you’ll soon find that this is easy, great for starters or a group of younger hikers. Most of the trail is broad and even, which is pleasant because you can really take advantage and view the scenery. But the distance might be a bit intimidating.

Don't be put off by that distance. Devil’s Pass is one of only a few in the Chugach National Forest that you don’t have to walk under canopy for many miles before getting great views.

Upper Troublesome Creek Trail - Denali State Park

Well, what is it about these names? The names dont live up to the actual experience because the creek is not difficult in the least. In fact, it’s even pretty with huge boulders strewn everywhere.

The Upper part of the Troublesome Creek Trail goes right next to the river for the few miles before you gradually and easily travel up with passing views of the creek. At one place there is a fascinating rock formation created by the elements. After this feature the trail gets a bit overgrown, but nothing beyond most people..

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