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hiking bootsHiking and gear always go together. You can't really go with one but miss out the other. On the one hand, your gear shoud have all the essentials you need during your hike. While on the other, what’s the purpose of owning hiking kit when you don’t use it?

Below is a list to help you along the trail:

Walking Boots

It’s not really hiking in the real sense if the trail is not all-natural. What we mean by natural is rocks and roots, definitely not pavement. So if you’re walking on that kind of uneven terrain, the right hiking and gear item you need is a pair of sturdy boots.

You know when a boot is sturdy by the feel of its soles. Realise that your boots protect your feet from sharp protrusions and their material and construction helps keep you from damaging your ankle when calmbering over roots and other obstacles – something that’s bound to happen if you’re on a rough trail and you don’t watch your step.

Another thing, your boots should be more accomodating when it comes to getting muddy, dusty, and dirty. Just consider yourself wearing a pair of nice white running shoes and you’re walking in mud, crossing streams, slogging along gorges…. Your feet won’t be a too attractive afterwards. So you realy need a pair of sturdy-soled boots with good foot and ankle support.


The next item of importance is your pack. When you sally forth into the back of beyond, you need to take along the 10 fundamentals and you need a pack to carry them in. Of course! You can’t very well carry them all with your bare hands. A backpack therefore is pretty essential. And we don’t just mean any backpacks. Your pack should be one of those with wide well-padded straps and a waist belt as these two features greatly help in weight distribution.

Outdoor Clothing

These can depend mostly on the type of trail you’re talking and the climate of the place. The majority of hikers in the North American wooded regions prefer to wear layered clothing when going hiking. Their equipment almost always includes extra clothing on top.

The inner layer of your clothing should be made of a moisture-wicking fabric or some other material that could keep the sweat off your body. The middle layer is for insulation, so it could be made from polar fleece or a high-tech knit. The ouside layer has a windproof and waterproof but breathable jacket. For pants, you need a pair of sturdy ones to protect your legs from branches.

Bug Repellant

Yes, they are a necessity and should be included in your list of hiking and gear equipment. Mosquitoes seem to adore hikers. They just do, for very obvious reasons. So what does a hiker have to do to keep them away?

Bringing along a bottle insect repellant couldn’t be cumbersome, especially if they are specially made for travel. And you should always wear mosquito repellant no matter what time of the day it is.

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