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backpacking graphicAs a popular leisure time activity, backpacking is the one time you can walk because you want to, not because you have to. Certainly, there is no other activity that best exemplifies that line from an Aerosmith song: “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” On these trips, what matters most is the journey, not the end of the trek.

The reason why you make this journey varies from person to person, of course. And sometimes, even from one trip to another. But for most, they like backpacking for one or more of the following reasons:

A Great Step towards Fitness

Want makes athletes run and hikers walk? What makes fitness buffs do punishing workouts? If you ask them this question, they’ll give you one answer: because it’s good for the body. But while health regimes can help you work out all parts of your body right inside, hiking provides you with the perfect example of a healthy and challenging activity with the joys of the great outdoors.

It's a great all over exercise which will greatly improve your overall physical fitness. Not only that, but because of the nature of the exercise itself, you get a chance to enjoy life to the fullest degree. The natural walking motion that it offers provides you with a relatively low impact but effective workout. What’s more, you are able to set the perfect pace and length of your workout without relying on treadmills or other home exersize equipment. In fact, walking is such a great form of exercise that many people even include it in their regular fitness regime.

Mother Nature's Gifts

As we mentioned, backpacking provides a great opportunity for you to combine exercise with nature appreciation. If you are the type who loves to explore nature, then this might just be just the activity you’ve been looking for.

There are several people who go because of the priceless opportunity for them to get back to nature. A single trip can bring you to the most beautiful places on the planet. Just imagine how many more equally beautiful regions you can visit if you go on several more excursions? It can bring you into contact with amazing plant and wildlife. In addition to that, there are some hiking spots that are placed right next to beaches, woods, deserts, jungy forests, hills, and mountain ranges. The different conditions that these diverse places offer have a unique appeal all their own.

It's Just the Thing for Beginers

Compared to other forms of recreational activity, backpacking is easy to start. What’s more, it does not require high tech equipment quite the way scuba diving or mountain climbing does. In fact, a simple trek requires only a solid pair of hiking boots, some basic outdoor clothing, and a small load to get you started. And the so-called walking technique is a skill you've had in your possession since childhood.

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