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vegan bootsSince the 70’s vegan or vegetarian lifestyles have been growing in popularity. While it reached a point where it was considered cool, and even fashionable to become vegan, more people today are concerned about environmental issues and are proud to be associated with vegetarianism.

There are various extremes of the style; some consider themselves vegan if they don’t eat meat, but carry on eating fish or chicken. Well, it may be a step in the right direction, but hardly vegetarian.

The definition of a vegetarian is someone who eats no animal meat at all; in the case of vegans it is taken further so that nothing that derives from animal sources at all is consumed, with the intention of not exploiting animals in any way. The purist form of vegetarianism is vegan, and this includes not wearing any clothing at all which comes from animal sources.

Those who maintain a vegan lifestyle, but who also like to go hiking; will require boots or shoes that are not made of leather. Unfortunately leather is the best material for hiking as it is flexible and easily water-proofed. But there are non-animal boot materials, and this is the only choice for a serious vegan.

What are Vegan Hiking boots?

Basically any boot or shoe that has no animal products in them at all, the main material being polyester or some similar synthetic material.

Where can you find Vegan Clothing and Boots?

For those who regard the exploitation of animals unacceptable, there are now many choices. More and more outdoors suppliers or outfitters are stocking alternatives and you shouldn’t have to search far to find suitable alternatives on offer.

Here are the more well know makes that you may find suit your needs:

For Women – Garmont Boots

These come with a Vibram sole with extra padding in the mid-sole for extra comfort and protection. One of the advantages is that the material is much lighter than ordinary leather boots and you will have the feeling that you aren’t wearing boots at all.

They are very flexible – with enough strength to negotiate rough country, but comfy enough to use as ordinary day wear. They are well – fitted to the contours of your foot for added comfort. To cope with dampness, which can so easily lead to blisters they are lined with a material called Cambrelle which is water-resistant, and also dries quickly in warm weather.

Montrail - Hurricane Ridge Boots

This is another well know make to hikers and walkers because of their versatility and toughness. They can handle tough terrains, watery, or winter snow conditions. Despite their ruggedness, they are comfortable enough to wear as normal shoes, and feel more like trainers.

While the Hurricane boots are waterproof, they are also breathable with their GORE-TEX SCR material, making sure your feet don’t get damp. These boots are suitable for any conditions you may encounter and will be the choice for many if you are set on going vegan.

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