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What do you need in a good backpack? They are the single most important piece of equipment every trekker should have. For every excursion, you will want to bring a piece of your world with you and that small piece is contained in your backpack.

When you’re faced with the huge variety of packs in the stores, how do you decide which one is the best value for money?

Experienced trekkers know that when it comes to picking the best of the bunch, the rule of thumb is this: “Buy right and pack light.” There is a huge selection of hiking backpacks in the shops today. They vary from the costly to bargain basement, lightweight to very-lightweight, highly trendy to very basic. So, that brings us to the first consideration: How do you choose the best pack?

As you'll see, there are as many considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right one as there are as many varieties sold. But the first thought should be whether it sits comfortably on your back and shoulders. It should make it comfortable for you to carry your load during long and short treks alike.

The next consideration is load distribution. Choose one that allows you to properly balance the weight so that most of the weight is supported by your back. The better your backpack fits to you, the better it will be for you when maneuvering every which way. It also controls the movement of your backpack as it shifts when you move about.

Size is next. A good backpack is one that fits the size of your upper body. It should also provide enough space for you to fit in all the gear you need. There should ample room for your food, water, tent, blankets etc. Adjustable packs are the fashion these days. With the adjustable ones, size is not so much a problem as you can just set the height and weight in the perfect position on your back. But, the adjustable backpacks come at a premium over ordinary packs for that extra functionality.

The last consideration is obtaining the correct size of frame. It will be useless unless it has a correct frame size that is fits to your body and shape. This applies despite your size or the cost of your backpack. Nowadays, there are less of the “one size for everyone ” packs. You need to buy your gear according to your specific hiking needs. Experienced hikers believe that your torso size and your height are two different measures and this disparity is particularly emphasized when choosing the frame size.

These are the main considerations when buying a backpack. Consider that your backpack contains all of the items for your survival in your travels, so choosing the right pack can often mean the difference between safe and life-threatening journeys.

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