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ON the TrailOne of the most pleasurable leisure activities that all the family, old and young can enjoy freely, has to be walking. Wherever you are in the world, walkers, hikers, and ramblers will find their own ideal tracks and trails to explore.

Breathtaking vista; pure clean air; lakes and mountains are all waiting to be explored. Find little known trails and paths to investigate. The more adventurous will find the highlands exhilarating and challenging. Strollers will appreciate the peace and beauty of valley, lakeland and more gentle meanderings. Whatever experience level you are, beginner or expert, we hope you will find some helpful information on these pages.

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Absolute beginners may like to start here to get a flavour of what draws people to hiking and the outdoor life, then follow the advice which covers most subjects that you need to be informed about to make your treks memorable and hassle free.

The Rambler's Forum is a great place to share your experiences and ask questions, where experienced hikers and travelers will be happy to answer your enquiries. If you'd like a list of upcoming events in the Sussex area, just contact us and we'll be happy to send our quarterly itinerary. Then just explore the website to find a wealth of subjects to enhance and inform your outdoor adventures. Have fun!

Lake District Tour...

The last Lake District tour was a great success. Intrepid hikers from beginners to Early Start Pictureexperienced all enjoyed the variety of treks on offer, and all arrived back safely. Except us! Yes, we got lost and were the last to arrive at the Boar Inn. We'll never live it down! I think everyone had a trip to remember, especially 'The Big Blow' that rendered everyone's tents into kites. What fun that was! Thanks to all who came along. The next Lake District trip details in the quartely itinarary.

One of the favorite walks was this 2 miler from Wasdale to Buckbarrow. Especially in the peak season, when there are maybe to many vistors in the most popular areas, hiking map graphic this walk is delightfully off the beaten track, and away from the crowds. Most are heading for Scafell, leaving you to enjoy Buckbarrow in relative peace and quite. You can stroll up the gentle hill and the peak offers superb views of one of Britains deepest lakes and highest mountains. Although we've been many times I never cease to enjoy this track as one of my favorites every time we do the Tour.

Best wishes, Steve and Sara.steps graphic   

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